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Black Mountain & Posters

A couple of months ago I went to see Black Mountain play Shepherds Bush, this introduced my ears to their supporting band the  Black Angels,  Usually when I go to gigs I have no money after a few beers to buy band merch, but I managed to pocket a really nice Black Angels screen Print. I love gig posters/album artwork, here are some amazing ones from two of my favorite bands.

A whole new shiny year is upon us soon..

One  learnt to expect anything, but was always surprised.

Friday, 11 June 2010

wishes the oil nightmare would end.

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Children of veins..Ryoko Aoki

When he asked his father about the dream, the old man's reply was brief. It climbed bald through the window one night, loping away from urban ghettos and bar-room riots, the smouldering limbo of shanty towns. Pressed delicate tendrils against a somnolent skull, sang strange spells in esoteric tongues, dispersed at the dome of first light.

Clutched between lithe fingers, a map, meadering creases, wrinkles like a smiling buddha, blazed a determined trail after the dream. Nude feet scaled wavering peaks sketching ashes beneath celestial showers, to rest, the crotch of a valley, nurtured dusken wolves, an umbrella of sky.

Neck craned, flowers bloomed constellations of stars stretching telescoped stems, pluck fairy floss curls of lambent dust. Gaze hypnotic at lurid flames melt earth eagles shivering upwards of lone pines, stark rockets where breath halts, exhale and beat, hiccup, through skeleton lens and firework eyes. Devoured hungry, flash form and fluid flicker, a licking of fragile limbs, and virile rays still onwards, no pause, evolving a perpetual tide.

Lone tree squats on mute hill, prostrate beneath a cupola of stars, wonder lit up like a final cigarette, closed his eyes and smiled as the lines marched triumphant, ants over the curve of his eyes, stroking the vacant drum of his mind, an interminable parade an entire lifetime away.

Emily Wong

Ryoko Aoki

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Diana Sudyka

'Arctic Fox'

'Antarctic Waters'

Betsy Walton wonders

        'Stepping Off'



I have discovered the Sebastian Foster gallery and I am in love...

Pepe Heykoop...!

James Gulliver Hancock

 I imagine that if Beck was to design furniture, that it would look a little something like this maybe.

Monday, 25 January 2010