Wednesday, 19 August 2009

ghost face-stealer berry bird

A cold ghost is tempted by the warmth of a blood coloured berry, upon his will to hold such a thing he is taken by the one who wears such forgotten faces upon his cape, like a angel fish in the blackness of sea, this bird possesses a tree that leaves a trail of berry very red.

Sunday, 16 August 2009

Thursday, 13 August 2009

mail me art

My design for mail me art..its going to be a lot harder on the envelope I has bubble wrap inside!

L' Hippocampe

I always liked the swings the best, ultimate daydream inducing invention. To find some facing the  sea, i could imagine trying to keep up with the waves and forgetting what i am for a while. I think sea horses  are in constant dream and they swing upside down with their tail.

I have this science is fiction films of Jean Painleve, and he says the sea horse is the only vertebrate sea creature that swims standing up.  They could also be one of the starriest I think.

Some more info on this along with a lovely illustration I found.....
 The word 'hippocampus' means seahorse and the hippocampus of the human brain resides in pairs in the temporal lobes of the cerebrum. It is important for memory functions, amongst other things. At an adult age, it is often the starting point for epileptic(focal)fits. If fit fit-inhibiting drugs do not help sufficiently, it is sometimes advisable to have the hippocampus operatively removed ('hippocamoectomy')

In it's form, this brain structure is reminiscent of a sea horse. (from the greek: 'hippos'=horse, kampulos=curved). The most famous type of sea horse, which is most frequently represented in pictures and is also reflected in this work of art, is the long-nosed' or spotted' sea horse (hippocampus guttulatus).
The 'almond kernal' is a translation of the greek work for a part of the brain. It consists of a multitude of nerve cells, lies in close proximity to the hippocampus, reminiscent of the fruit of the almond kernal is 'amygdalum' (from the greek:'amygdala=almond tree, 'amygdalon' =almond).

The bottom painting is white and blue ink and acrylic on black acrylic, on wood.

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

bed of lies, crimes, cracken, hole, nothing lost nothing gained

Acrylic, pen, tissue, ink, a piece for final year degree show uni

clothes and lives shed away like skins, chrysalis.....
blind bird, bed of roses is a bed of lies, time and time again voyages slip into history, fools, victims...

The flying foxes

And the branches of the trees hung like the backs of horses, a flying fox shot out like a comment from the corner of some beings eye, racing across the sky like a dark cloud. Are there ladders to heaven and hooks to hell. What about the sea. Little wooden boat with a light, going into the unknown.



tissue paper and pen on canvas, this is a memory of a path I would walk through after getting of the bus from school when really young, I really have fallen in love with using tissue paper, This was the first piece I ever did using it and I practically use it for everything now, drawing on it I try hardly not to touch the paper with my hand, and the piece beneath gets little marks from the top bit, i look at it afterwards and it is like the little ghost remaining.


I like drawing girls with different hats and colourful hair, imaginary faces

pencil and  felt tip pens