Thursday, 5 November 2009

Jen Stark

10,000 pieces of paper cut (per day) for 100 days. Beautiful hand made confetti.

Her work has been referred to as 'jewels'. I want to try describe how Jen Starks work makes me feel. I agree that they are jewels every bit of course, minus a typical jewel like sparkle, yet I feel they still posses a sort of secret invisible sparkle that is none other synchronized and felt within the viewer (if being me), if you pulled a x-ray screen machine along side me whilst i was gazing into a piece of her work, the screen would reveal something shining inside me, like say resembling a piece of glass reflecting in the sun. They are without faces but I cannot help but want to smile at them. Starks work is regarded as being spiritual/looking at a sculpture you can lose yourself in the work, bringing out a good feeling in people,

When visiting france, art supplies were costly, so she bought the cheapest, yet item with what she believed offered the most potential. A stack of coloured paper. Her work draws inspiration from microscopic patterns in nature, wormholes, and sliced anatomy.

                               One of Jen Starks drawings

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