Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Smell of birch bark and friendly flygarics..

With networks underground as complex as the human brain, ancient and shamanic is the cheery flyagaric...and not to mention such a bright shiny rouge. Deers like to eat them. 
Some snaps taken in the birch forest...

It is the season of frost and the first frost was recent, so the next morning was an arrival of a very many merry mushroom and toadstool.
The first few I spotted that morning were the edible iridescent shaggy ink caps, to be about 6" high and produce ink, and by the end of the day, turn into a puddle of ink. The other below is sometimes known as chicken leg of the woods and apparently tastes just like chicken. In a grimm brothers fairy tale I was reading the stars of the north gave a young girl a 'chicken leg' to use as a key to get inside a crystal castle hidden inside a mountain range, where she would find her captured brothers who had been turned into ravens.

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